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続きを読む Messages from Friends

Dear Dr. Ishitani,

I cannot thank you enough. The conference was fantastic, and it was a magical time in Sapporo! I have told all of my colleagues here about the conference and they are truly amazed at the exceptional level of speakers and topics represented in two very exciting days. Sapporo is such a special place, and given the high level of planning for the conference, I am not surprised that so many international participants were there!

Truly, it is hard to express my thanks adequately. You and Yukie, the conference committee, and your faculty from Higashi Sapporo Hospital treated us as friends and colleagues from the start. I also need to express a special thanks to Ms. Ayaka Uede for exceptional organization and attention to detail. We came home feeling energized and filled with unforgettable memories. I would very much look forward to the 3rd conference in 2020!


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